April 10, 2020

Dallas area Car Show in Firewheel, Garland, Texas - Muscle Cars - Classic Cars

Third and Fourth Show Coming Soon!

I’m happy to say that the next Firewheelz car shows are coming up very soon. The next one is going to be at 5840 North Garland Avenue in Garland on Saturday, October 8 from 2:30 – 5:00. The next show after that will be at 3003 North George Bush Turnpike also in Garland. We hope […]


Second Firewheelz Car Show is Tomorrow!

The second show is very close! We’re going to give out trophies at this one as well as others for the categories. Some of them are: Best in Show (One winner*) Founder’s Choice Sponsor’s (Hagerty’s) Choice Pre 1949 cars 1950 to 1959 1960 to 1979 1980 to 1999 2000’s Best American Car Best European Car […]