February 23, 2020

Dallas area Car Show in Firewheel, Garland, Texas - Muscle Cars - Classic Cars

Forza Horizon 3 has been out for a little while now, and I’ve generally loved playing. I’m going to set the graphics aside, as astounding as they are, because a game doesn’t need good graphics to be good. First off, I just say the car list is insane! There’s a total of 371 cars without the new ones that came out just a few days ago. You can buy any car from a Charger Hellcat to an Isetta! There are also a variety of very Australian cars you can buy, since the map this time is based in Australia. Just like the previous games, there are barn finds scattered across the map for you to search for. All 15 of them get you different classics. I won’t share any just in case you want to save the surprise for yourself. There’s so much more to write about this game, so I may make a part two of this tomorrow. Thank you for reading part of my “brief” summary of Horizon 3!


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